My Fault….How My Apology Brought Joy in Seconds….IN Traffic!

My Fault….How My Apology Brought Joy in Seconds….IN Traffic!

February 28, 2017 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

“I am SO sorry!” I quickly opened my car door, leaned out and put my hands into a kind of prayer position as I looked back to the VERY angry man in the car behind me who was raising both fists, waving them at me and honking his horn.

My car was just ahead of his waiting at a really long red light with two cars in front of me. I was headed out to work with a kindergarten class and my throat was dry. With the long red light I thought I had enough time to look in my purse to grab a lozenge to moisten my throat.

H O N K!!!!!! The cars ahead were through the intersection, the light turned yellow. No time for me to make it through. That is when I looked up, hearing the honk, and saw the raging, angry face of a man about my age.

It was my fault he had this stress in his life…..another long wait at a red light. My stomach clenched, my heart plummeted. That is when I undid my seat belt, quickly opening the door and made my sincere gesture calling out my apology. And then a seeming miracle happened. His knotted fists dropped, he rolled down his window, looked straight into my eyes, SMILED, and SAID with such a loving voice: “You are forgiven, Ma’am!” I quickly called back, “Thank you! I needed that today.”

A very icky feeling situation transformed in those seconds. Peak communication. Forgiveness. Compassion……what the world needs now is love, sweet love…..Love really does heal. And it amps up my Awesome Aging process! #earthisheaven@67

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