Awesome Aging

Inner Peace: Peace beckons from beyond the grave

August 6, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

My article that is posted today in the Ashland Daily Tidings is an extraordinary account of a true story that defies rational explanation. Life has many miracles. We do not need to understand how it works to KNOW and TRUST there is more than the physical reality we relate to

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How to Spice Up Your Life After 60 with Fun Celebrations

August 1, 2016 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

Doing dress-ups as a child, I could visualize all kinds of gala costumes. Dresses, accessories and textures that would befit the most beautiful expressions of the wishful designs. In my imagination there were many special events to attend in those fabulous creations. These were events that only I could see.

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