Cowpie Fury From Inside Bully Billy

Cowpie Fury From Inside Bully Billy

April 28, 2011 Bullying 0 Comments

I was 10 years old, playing hardball in the pasture with neighborhood boys. I hit a home run which the pitcher, Billy, did NOT like. My skinny little legs flew past third base, heading into the home plate. Billy threw the ball as hard as he could. Bull’s eye in the middle of a very fresh, wet, stinky cow pie splatted JUST as I was running past it. Spewed in warm brownish manure all over my new pink short outfit, I headed to home plate to S-C-O-R-E! Billy was furious. I was homerun happy, cowpie-stained-outfit furious and stinky beyond normal p.u. levels. The only girl had scored the first home run in the game.

Billy was always grumpy, aggravating, intimidating and bullying. There IS a reason for everything. Rumor had it that his dad was really mean to him. Billy’s eyes were a mixture of sad and angry. He was unhappy, hurting, confused, lacked in love and self-love and devoid of emotional intelligence. Bullying isolated him as he found many ways to cause stress and hurt others, trying to fill the emptiness with temporary power.

Teach kids what goes on inside a bully. It’s the first step needed in creating awareness rather than hatred of those who need help. Bullying is a raised flag message: “I am in need.” Let’s get the word out so that all kids know this. Bullies will know that everyone knows their truth. THAT is the first step in violence prevention. Kids who bully don’t have Superkid Power. They have ego band-aids that do not heal the root of the problem and will be a repeat offender without help.

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