Prevent Child Stress with Anti-Bullying Education

Prevent Child Stress with Anti-Bullying Education

September 12, 2013 Bullying 0 Comments

Anti-bullying begins with helping young children to know what bullying is, that it is not a good choice, that there are options to get something worked out by asking for help from an adult, earning
communication skills AND by having empathy regarding the fact that anyone doing bullying does not feel good about him/herself.

Making fun of someone else to temporarily build one’s own sense of power does not give fertile ground for a positive and solid sense of self-worth. When someone bullies, that person has a reason for bullying which is usually pertaining to something that has been difficult in that child’s life and is unresolved. Releasing that tension upon an innocent victim is easy to do for the child but does not give permanent relief from the cause of wanting to bully. Meanwhile, the stress of the bullying person is dumped onto an innocent bystander, spreading the stress and mental illness into a new form of victimization. The bully and the one bullied need help.

Recently, my grandson was in a preschool baseball camp. His coaches included anti-bullying awareness as part of the training. Way to go! Start early. Prevent unnecessary child stress while also promoting the prevention of potential violence and building momentum for anti-bullying!

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