Child Wellness

Fight Or Flight Response

April 25, 2017 Child Wellness, Children and Stress 0 Comments

The American Institute of Stress shares this diagram of what happens initially in response to a stressful trigger in life. As can be seen, breathing becomes quickened which causes more tension build-up. Self-calming requires SLOW,DEEP BREATHING. Teaching children deep belly button breathing is a skill that can impact the quality

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The Calm Song

March 7, 2017 Child Wellness, Children and Stress 0 Comments

The CALM SONG© that is changing children’s lives…(and adults are reporting success learning it!) [jwplayer mediaid=”6249″]

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Fear Freezes Or Frees Human Potential

February 29, 2016 Articles, Child Wellness, Early Prevention, Publicity 0 Comments

I will take you on a journey of my childhood feet into managing it as an adult. Then I have some great tips on how to help children develop healthy patterns of dealing with fear. Harnessing the awareness and tools at a young age gives children a boost for higher

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Summer Fairy Teaching About Inner World Resources

June 19, 2015 Child Wellness 0 Comments

90 degree weather, Summer Fairy teaching Healthy Families organization clients – young parents and young children – inner world awareness (mind/body/emotions/breathing) skills to manage stress. Using my speciality: 3D learning with visual aids that relate to their inner world/mind/body/emotions/breathing. Rainbow glasses – seeing rainbows in the sunlit trees and breathing

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GRUDGE SACK presentation at Chamber of Commerce….with Wings!

May 15, 2015 Child Wellness, Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

GRUDGE SACK! Grandma Boom wore one for Chamber of Commerce this morning for 3D demonstration what a grudge does to our bodies/attitudes when holding one inside. SEE bag of rock hanging from neck down to chest. Practiced forgiveness, released the grudge/grudge sack, and spread my wings to feel and fly

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Chamber of Commerce Meets Beeing Calm

March 6, 2015 Child Wellness, Grandma Boom Time 0 Comments

Chamber of Commerce meeting in Ashland today. Introduced my book for kids, BEEING CALM. Got group to buzz with tension, do deep breathing, and change to calm buzzing. It’s my expertise in 3D learning and holistic education that is fun. See, hear, feel, and Bee the change. And, of course,

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