Children and Stress

Fight Or Flight Response

April 25, 2017 Child Wellness, Children and Stress 0 Comments

The American Institute of Stress shares this diagram of what happens initially in response to a stressful trigger in life. As can be seen, breathing becomes quickened which causes more tension build-up. Self-calming requires SLOW,DEEP BREATHING. Teaching children deep belly button breathing is a skill that can impact the quality

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Child Improves Her Life with Self-Calming

March 30, 2017 Children and Stress, Connecting with Children, Early Prevention, Superkid Power 0 Comments

“First my little brother took my shells and wouldn’t give them back.” I asked, “How did you feel?” the 6 yr. old shared she felt “MAD!” When I asked what choice she made, she answered confidently, “I sang the CALM SONG you taught us and then when he hit me

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The Calm Song

March 7, 2017 Child Wellness, Children and Stress 0 Comments

The CALM SONG© that is changing children’s lives…(and adults are reporting success learning it!) [jwplayer mediaid=”6249″]

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Bumble Bee Buzz

February 16, 2017 Awesome Aging, Children and Stress 0 Comments

Bumble bee buzz teaching K and Pre-K how to not let others control you. [jwplayer mediaid=”6238″]

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Sponge Anger Release with Kids….And for Yourself!

December 12, 2016 Children and Stress, Early Prevention 0 Comments

Sponge Anger Release – Sponges can do more than clean dishes! My grandies needed to squeeze a sponge in order to squeeze out mad feelings along with deep breathing with cabin fever in cold weather recently. Squeeze sponge. Breathe in slowly doing belly button breathing, holding squeeze and the tension

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