Children and Stress

Two Year Olds Drumming Out Their Tension

July 14, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Projectile vomit happened. The two year olds began gathering on a mat at the Medford daycare so I could teach them basics with tense/calm/switch gears/get tense feelings out/etc. The first little girl stepped onto the mat and projectile vomited. So much for the mat. The teacher kindly apologized to me.

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Double Whammy

June 12, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Math and a new invention we’ll call upside-down putting! I use this carnival type game for Grayson to throw two balls into, each hole being a different number. Then we count to practice adding numbers together to get his score. Creative young guy that he is, he invented a new

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Artwork brings the inner world out

April 25, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Even before I asked Grayson to explain how he felt when he did this artwork, I KNEW. In its simplest form, it is still obvious what someone feels when expressing creatively with artwork. “I felt happy in my heart I got to play outside in the sunshine.” As image making

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Getting bad feelings out with play dough

January 25, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

The green glob in Grayson’s hand is the playdough I instructed him to use to get his bad feelings out when he was having difficulties this morning managing them appropriately. I asked him why he was holding his nose. He said, “Because good feelings smell good and bad feeling smell

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June 18, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Tammy’s 5 yr. old granddaughter is very frequently (as Tammy describes it with eyes widened and eyebrows raised) in the “why” about everything right now. Tammy is crazy about her granddaughter but feels she may go nuts with the “why” marathon. Recently, while riding in the car, Tammy was being

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May 27, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

“I can’t eat any lunch because it will just make me poop more.” And so my pre-schooler stated his case in 1984. Physiologically, Darion was correct. My challenge was to use HIS logic to further MINE. “You’re right, Darion, food will make you poop more. But the poop is just

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Muddy Fairy PLay: Dedicated to Ms. Papaya, 31 today!

May 26, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Easter Sunday, 1985: Out into the woods we went to be in nature’s array of scents and scenes, picnic, hide-and-seek eggs with my sister’s family. My niece, Aliah (sometimes known as Ms. Papaya in my book), was 4. My daughter was 8. They were playing near a gurgling stream. Between

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Busy Mom Stops to Play with Her Kids

May 18, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

This week I was speaking with Brittany, who has a baby and a 5 yr. old. She and her husband are in the midst of moving to a new home and both have jobs. With young children, moving to a new location always has its stress factors. Parenting young children

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Tantrum Surprise Ending

May 10, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

We’ve all seen them….tantrums on the playground, in the grocery store, in a car, at someone’s house…..they make their mark and stand out in their own boisterous way. Tantrums frighten and anger those who don’t understand that young children will experiment with tantrums to figure out if they’re a tool

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