Sponge Anger Release with Kids….And for Yourself!

Sponge Anger Release with Kids….And for Yourself!

December 12, 2016 Children and Stress, Early Prevention 0 Comments

Sponge Anger Release – Sponges can do more than clean dishes! My grandies needed to squeeze a sponge in order to squeeze out mad feelings along with deep breathing with cabin fever in cold weather recently.

Squeeze sponge. Breathe in slowly doing belly button breathing, holding squeeze and the tension for several counts. Then slowly exhale releasing the mad feelings/tension. Repeat as needed.

Why keep those feelings inside and harm yourself? Communicating feelings is great but sometimes doing something physical that helps the body move the stuck energy is essential….that is NOT harmful to self or others. More techniques that develop emotional intelligence are in my outrageously helpful SUPERKID POWER GUIDEBOOK at www.grandmaboom.com and on Amazon. A gift that keeps on giving…..from teachers/parents/grandparents/daycare personnel to children…..and lasts a lifetime.

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