Wisdom with Aging Whispers to Teach Children to BE the CALM EYE in the Lifestress Storm

Wisdom with Aging Whispers to Teach Children to BE the CALM EYE in the Lifestress Storm

May 2, 2017 Children and Stress, Early Prevention 0 Comments

As I continue aging, this 68th year is bringing up strong feelings about preparing children to cope healthily in a time of chaos on our planet. It is a case of wanting to leave an imprint that helps, that strengthens, that encourages children. The desire is deeply passionate to help them tap their own inner resources for a happy, healthy life with good choices based on their inner knowing….regardless of what is going on around them. 41 years of pioneering this work has convinced me these skills are essential for children to add to society’s strength instead of detracting from it.

How do children learn to be the calm eye in the middle of the storm? By making it REAL…..Like this: I taught them to focus on their deep, calm breathing and not pay attention to the tension/stress around them to stay in control of themselves. All the other children drummed loudly making stressful sounds around one child who practiced maintaining a calm center. AMAZING to see this successful 3D experience imprinted on each child taking a turn to practice.

Seeing the results of children learning and practicing this skill is nothing short of amazing and everything long of NEEDED. It is one of many skills I see as necessary for children (and actually teens and adults) in our fast paced world where we are top heavy with mental stimulation. It is important to stay grounded, be in the body and know how to work with thoughts/feelings/body sensations. The signals and triggers are all there waiting for instructions…..if we are aware and know what to do.

Seeking funding through the non -profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 Conscious Living Foundation to reach increasing numbers of children with these skills is ongoing. Wishing for philanthropists and others to support this critically important work.

Imagine all children learning skills like this in a geographic area such as an entire school district, a county, state, country. Benefits would be countless…..academic achievements improve, confidence building, mental health issues decrease, mutual respect increases, relationships strengthen, crime rate decreases…….

As an elder with a voice, skills to teach, remarkable insight with relaying tools of awareness and self-control to children with 3D learning, I want to do all I can while I am still here. This makes for a powerful and Awesome Aging process. Now to find funding, the right connections to move forward with this needed work and to be grateful for feeling passion to help in the best way I am able to do that. #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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