Giving Permission to Grandkids to BE Creative Outside the Box

Giving Permission to Grandkids to BE Creative Outside the Box

November 21, 2016 Awesome Aging, Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Giving Permission to Grandkids to BE Creative Outside the BoxIt was a Friday night sleepover at Grandma Boom’s for two grandchildren. Being precocious is their job so as a Grandma I find it is important to be open and flexible about the act of creativity coming into play.

Research indicates creative, innovative people have the healthiest and happiest aging process. It also indicates many advantages for brain stimulation to have access to cross generational contact. Being with young grandchildren, at the very least, keeps my inner child alive and well. Everything else is like an extra condiment for the party.

Being creative keeps us close to the source of creation within our own reach. When the sun went down Friday night my granddaughter wanted to create a design with my led battery candles. The result was a glowing, beautiful success. I had never seen anything like it and she was as happy as she could be. We stared at her creation and had lots of praise for its beauty….together.

Yes, it takes time to put all the candles back in their place. But the trade-off is that my granddaughter got to be creative outside the box. As a Grandma i got to witness the act of creativity as well as enjoy the result with her.

Confidence is built in many ways, one step at a time. Being creative outside the box is great fuel for confidence.

Connecting with others and allowing creativity to flow is a natural high that cannot be competed with. #earthisheaven@67

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