THE Single Funniest Event of my Life Happened This Morning….and, Yes, I Wear a Wig!

THE Single Funniest Event of my Life Happened This Morning….and, Yes, I Wear a Wig!

January 16, 2017 Awesome Aging, Connecting with Children 0 Comments

THE single, funniest event of my life happened this morning. I’ll set the stage for you….The grandies spent the night. That means I set up sleeping pads and blankets on the floor in my bedroom so it’s like a campout.

Once everyone was awake this morning, we were having a sweet little chat. My grandson picked up the cheap plastic trumpet he slept next to and started playing music he wanted me to dance to. Well, flannel nighty and robe work just as great as a dress for a morning dance, so I began flitting around the room, both grandchildren watching every move as they remained partially tucked into their cozy nests.

Backtracking a bit, when I knew they were waking up, I slid my wig on my head. They’ve never seen me without my trusty wig and it seemed fitting for them to recognize their Booey and not a stranger first thing upon awakening. What I didn’t think about was the pinning of the wig to secure it.

So… there I am dancing somewhat wildly in sleeptime garb with grandson playing the flute and granddaughter staring at both of us. Suddenly, with one of my wild flailings to match the wild trumpet music, my wig flew off across the room, clean off my head!!!! It must have flown about five feet to my left. Both grandkids’ eyes spread over the majority of their faces, I swear! I’ve never seen their eyes so big…EVER! I burst out laughing so hard that tears came immediately. Of course, I headed to grab the wig at the same time. Once I was laughing, they followed my suit and burst out laughing. I literally could NOT stop laughing.

I imagine this could be one of those moments that my grandchildren may never EVER forget!!!!! I know I won’t. I can barely type now from gut rendering laughter that is revisiting. So…..when they could gather their wits about them, grandson very seriously says, “Booey, you should remember to pin your wig on from now on.” I know that poor child is concerned about the wind catching it outside!!! Oh… stomach from the laugh ripples!!!! Aging feels pretty darn AWESOME right now!!! #earthisheaven@67 and p.s. I am really enjoying my own private sitcom! hahahahaha

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