Hatch Soup V: Superkid Power

Hatch Soup V: Superkid Power

February 12, 2016 Children, Publicity, Radio/Television Interviews 0 Comments

Hatch Soup V is a community dinner and a pitchfest powered by the nonprofit, Hatch Innovation. Attend the event on Sunday, February 21 to watch these innovators pitch their projects, and vote for your favorite. One hundred percent of your ticket revenue goes to funding the winning project. Support social enterprise, eat soup, and be a part of the magic.

Watch Janai Mestrovich explain Superkid Power and the inspiration behind it.

Superkid Power is a twofold approach for children and adults demonstrating self help skills to responsibly manage emotions, thoughts and body tension. Results have been very successful: bullying stopped; stress and trauma coped with healthily; children teaching other children self-help skills; students apologizing/forgiving; improved parenting skills; abandonment of spanking; boy saving his own life in domestic violence; self-calming in chaotic circumstances. Superkid Power is for ALL children!

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