Ashland July 4th Parade 2013

July 10, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

It is a joy to be the Freedom Fairy in the Ashland July 4th parade! Happy hearted here! Awarded First Place for Adult Entries! Granting freedom wishes as the Freedom Fairy, flying-running back and forth on the street in the dynamic Ashland July 4th Parade, waving my wings over children

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Communication Success

July 6, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Claire pointed to my cell phone and said, “baby” as she reached for it and looked at the screen. She’s caught onto the fact that I take piks of her and her brother and was asking in her own way to see the “baby.” It felt important to appease the

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Look How Strong I Am

July 4, 2013 Superkid Power 0 Comments

“Look how strong I am, Grandma!” Grayson jumped up on my bed, evidently wanting to feel taller when calling out to me. I praised his muscles that he feels but that are not well defined yet. Children need to see, feel and hear that they have many strengths. Feedback is

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Teaching with Grandies

June 28, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Another Grandma Boom ‘high’ today. Taught twenty 3-5 yr. olds at a daycare how to switch from tense to calm using drums, knot/sox, singing bowl, squeezie to get feelings out and more. Claire assisted me, then Grayson helped later. WOW!! Teaching with my grandies! I love being 64!!!

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Empower Children at the U of O

June 26, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Full-hearted, high on endorphins from teaching EMPOWER CHILDREN at Univ. of Oregon this week, and LOVING a messy classroom. Friend, Michelle, helped me tie chairs for a surprise greeting to students for an exercise in certain skills I was teaching. Intrinsic rewards pouring in, like this from a graduate student:

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Think Inside the Box

June 17, 2013 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Grayson insisted he wanted to see what it was like to be a toy in the toybox, so IN he went in my living room this morning. Isn’t it wonderful to go beyond a set framework like thinking we can only LOOK inside a toybox? So much to learn from

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Double Whammy

June 12, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Math and a new invention we’ll call upside-down putting! I use this carnival type game for Grayson to throw two balls into, each hole being a different number. Then we count to practice adding numbers together to get his score. Creative young guy that he is, he invented a new

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Quality Contact Time With a Messy Kitchen

June 11, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Messes in the kitchen with grandkiddos. Is it worth it? My 2 yr. old granddaughter is learning how to stir ingredients…..rather vigorously! hahaha She is LEARNING. She has a wonderful time. It is messy but it builds confidence if handled wisely and with humor. She helped clean it up and

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Fertilizing Adults!

June 11, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

We adults….we are fertilizers! One second her brain is focused on a toy to go after and with the sound of a bird singing nearby she may change focus in a split second and head that way. A little one’s mind is so open and busy because it is absorbing

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