Excited Preschoolers Group Hug Me after Fun Session Learning Heart Impact Between Good and Bad Behavioral Choices

September 14, 2016 Connecting with Children, Early Prevention 0 Comments

Joy. Preschoolers spontaneously erupt in giving me a group hug after a very fun lesson on making good choices that feel better in our hearts and becoming aware that bad choices cause tight knots and bad feelings in our hearts. 3D learning, tactile/visual/experiential ways to understand a lesson. Builds confidence

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SuperKid Power: Self-Help Stress Skills For Young Children

March 11, 2016 Children and Stress, Superkid Power 0 Comments

Facilitator: Janai Mestrovich aka Grandma Boom aka Freedom Fairy and Xmas Fairy in     Ashland Parades TESTIMONIALS: “I took a deep breath instead of hitting my sister.” 5 yr. Old “I squeezed my mad feelings out on a sponge.” 4 yr. Old “I took deep breaths and shook my body to

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Wish I Would Have Learned This in Childhood

March 4, 2016 Awesome Aging, Connecting with Children, Early Prevention 0 Comments

Pirates landed yesterday. They had a disagreement 32 daycare children witnessed. So we learned that when something happens in the world around us, we think something with our minds and FEEL a feeling IN our bodies. Awareness rules before self-control can happen! Thoughts and feelings are always connected. Drumming and

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Fear Freezes Or Frees Human Potential

February 29, 2016 Articles, Child Wellness, Early Prevention, Publicity 0 Comments

I will take you on a journey of my childhood feet into managing it as an adult. Then I have some great tips on how to help children develop healthy patterns of dealing with fear. Harnessing the awareness and tools at a young age gives children a boost for higher

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