Old Fashioned Magic and a Sense of Wonder Serve as Medicine for Kids to Reduce Stress, Bullying, Violence and Negativity

December 2, 2013 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

There are all kinds of medicines humans take for ailments. Magic, wonder and fun are also medicines. Children need them because they touch the mind and heart with upliftment in ways that keep the imagination creative and bring a special feeling that can reduce unhealthy tendencies in dealing with life

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Interactive Storytime Helps Children Learn Stress Skills

November 12, 2013 Children and Stress 0 Comments

We were IN the story together! I was Smoothie, the Bee, getting 2-5 yr. olds to help me teach my brother, Buzzbee, how to calm himself so he wouldn’t hurt his little bee head bumping into flowers anymore. We drummed and buzzed fast and tense, took deep breaths, calmed ourselves,

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Consider Self-Esteem an Anecdote for Bullying

November 8, 2013 Bullying 0 Comments

My son was 9 years old when the other boys bullied him and made fun of his name. It was at a slumber party which meant he was isolated and left to be considered outside the accepted circle. When he returned home the next day, he told me about what

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