Free E-Book – Superkid Saves the Day

Free E-Book – Superkid Saves the Day

January 26, 2014 Superkid Power 0 Comments

FREE eBOOK…Please join me in launching my book, (link below) “SUPERKID SAVES THE DAY.” ENJOY A FREE KINDLE DOWNLOAD from 9 a.m. Sunday to Monday, 11 p.m. Your kindness in writing a review on Amazon if you receive a free kindle version is appreciated. It will help this book to reach more children. Every child wants and deserves to feel like a Superkid. This delightful book empowers children to use their inner resources to know how to accomplish that feeling through fun stories woven with emotional intelligence skills. Ages 3-7/Interactive. A perfect book for busy adults who want to give the best to the children they care about! Darling illustrations! Janai Lowenstein is known for her fun approach in teaching children about themselves.



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