Grant from Starseed Foundation Helping Area Pre-K and K Students

Grant from Starseed Foundation Helping Area Pre-K and K Students

April 17, 2017 Awesome Aging, Superkid Power 0 Comments

A warm hearted THANK YOU to Starseed Foundation for a much needed grant to The Conscious Living Foundation, non profit, tax exempt 501 (c)3 that allows children to receive supplies and books in the Self-Help Empowering Superkids program.

In addition, another deep expression of gratitude for the acknowledgment from Starseed about the importance of this work being taught to young children when they are forming ways to cope with life stress. As they learn self-help skills, they have more healthy options available in their tool boxes to make good choices, build confidence from the inside-out and assume more self-control.

Beeing Calm is a delightful story about Buzzbee who has too much tension. His sister teaches him about the importance of self-calming. Interactive and provides related art activities to reinforce the concept. Available on Amazon. Kids love it!

Thank you so very much, Starseed! This work for children is fueled with great passion, vision and mission. You have added high octane fuel for my Awesome Aging process to live with even more passion providing needed services to children in our world of many challenges. They now have a wonderful opportunity to live with greater inner strength because of your support.

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