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SINGING PRAISES ceremony was the last theme I was able to facilitate with the pre-K class I’ve worked with for many months teaching self-help skills in my EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS program as their term is ending. Each child stood by me as I shared an example of how that child used one of the skills I taught and became a SUPERKID. At that point all the other children and teachers drummed for the child who was beaming receiving praises as I fastened a SUPERKID cape on the child she/he got to keep. Although Singing Praises is a Native American practice, it works for all ages, all cultures. Spending time acknowledging these children using skills has long term impact.
We all celebrated being SUPERKIDS with our capes. A class to always remember. Thank you, Starseed Foundation and Ashland Coop for funds to support this needed work with the Jackson County Oregon Child Development Coalition.

Here is a list of the skills applied to everyday situations witnessed by the teachers:

1) V noticed that I was feeling upset and reminded him to BREATHE, THINK AND MAKE a GOOD CHOICE.

2) A demonstrated her CARING heart when Ax fell down and was hurt. She walked over and sat with him on the floor for many minutes.

3) I has been using DEEP BELLY BUTTON BREATHING and FINDING HIS CALM CENTER when he is crying.

4) A used FOCUSING skills on his goal for a very long time to finish the difficult activity with small circles that is normally hard for him to do.

5) Y noticed the teacher was losing patience with her students and began singing the CALMING SONG and the other children joined in with him and it helped the teacher to calm herself.

6) M showed his “I CAN DO IT” positive thinking when he practiced the alphabet letters, counting and reading numbers, names, shapes and patterns.

7) M talked to the class about what having a PEACEFUL HEART means to her, sharing going to the park is a peaceful image. She very rarely speaks in a group!

8) J made a GOOD CHOICE and used FOCUSING skills on ONE thing! when he cleaned up the Candyland game all by himself after the other players ran off to play something else. He showed how RESPONSIBLE he can be.

9) D FOCUSES on thinking a lot of GOOD THOUGHTS so he can smile often, play and learn with lots of energy. Now when the teacher asks him how he is in the morning, how he feels, he responds, “happy and strong like Superman.”

10) IS chose NOT TO LIE AND TOLD THE TRUTH when he admitted he had taken something home from school that did not belong to him and promised to return it.

11) Js stays quiet and FOCUSES on her CALM CENTER when there is stress all around her on the outside (other children crying, screaming, etc. in the classroom.) She is 3 years old.

12) Alj LISTENS to the teacher with his eyes, ears and whole body now during Circle Time.

13) Isr used his COOPERATION skills with IsC building with colorful blocks together. EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS for a happier, healthier lives that help change the social-emotional climate on our planet!

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