Prioritizing Children Empowers Everyone

Prioritizing Children Empowers Everyone

October 21, 2013 Protecting Children for a Positive Future 0 Comments

“What did you like about Disneyland?” I’m being asked. My response is that Einstein and Walt Disney were in agreement that imagination is more important than knowledge. AND, most importantly, I felt HOPE. Why? Because Disneyland is a place that prioritizes children AND encourages the child within for any age to have fun. Being in a place that so greatly values children was an experience of realizing a manifestation in 3D reality that truly does put children first…for safety, fun, stimulation, learning, etc. People, in general, were actually happy there. So many reasons support it being ‘the happiest place on earth.’ I would love to see city, state and federal government administrators take notes from Disney administrators on how they keep their employees so happy and healthy, as well as those they serve.

I will encourage and support places that do prioritize children whenever possible in addition to continuing to focus on children that are in my presence. There is a feeling of not only being protective of children that is important with placing them on the high priority list but a connecting in the relationship with them that is priceless.

Three cheers for Disneyland!

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