Cross-Generational Hilarity

Cross-Generational Hilarity

April 20, 2016 Cross Generational Activities, Relationship Building with Young Children 0 Comments

This short video encapsulates cross-generational hilarity. My granddaughter asked me to play
“scream and laugh” and make a movie out of it with my cell phone. She insisted we practice
several screams before filming. She is 4. I am sure she is a born director.

What ensued was an experience I will never forget. My inner child necessarily had to be
connecting with her. It was hilarious to do, and so out-of-the-box. Crossing over into
that innocent childhood play opens up a plethora of opportunities and gifts.

Being able to meet my preschool granddaughter in her totally creative playspace
gave me more than words can express. I am grateful. #earthisheaven@67

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