The Hawn Foundation, started by actress Goldie Hawn and dedicated to “creating a world where children thrive,” list Janai’s books as recommended reading for children, parents and teachers on its website (

The Hawn Foundation

“I was attracted to the books because of the positive messages they convey to children,” says Marc Meyer, the foundation’s director of educational programs and initiatives. “This is very much in keeping with the foundational underpinnings of MindUP, the signature social and emotional learning program of the Hawn Foundation.”

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Superkid Power Guidebook  by Janai Mestrovich Bee Calm  by Janai Mestrovich

Dragonella  by Janai Mestrovich Jacksons Fun Adventures by Janai Mestrovich

Superkid Saves the Day by Janai Mestrovich Superkid Camp by Janai Mestrovich