Beeing Calm

Being Calm by Janai MestrovichNot your normal coloring book! Feel great providing this darling coloring book with a story about how to calm oneself through the plight of a clumsy bee. Interactive tips for parents/teachers give a special flavor for reinforcing skills that make parenting and teaching easier.

Available in paperbook and e-book





5.0 out of 5 stars Peaceful easy feelings, June 11, 2013

By: Teresa Anton
This review is from: Beeing Calm (Kindle Edition)

Delightful! A coloring book with charming illustrations and a wonderful story about Buzzbee, the tense bee, and his sister, Smoothie, who teaches him the ‘Calm Center’. In turn, all the bees learn to take a deep breath, find their Center, and all become very calm, very happy and very productive! Wonderful interactive teaching tool to develop inner strength, calm self-control and peaceful easy feelings!

5.0 out of 5 stars Impressive Teaching Tool!, June 9, 2013

By: Carrie Dailey
This review is from: Beeing Calm (Paperback Edition)

I recently downloaded a Kindle copy of Beeing Calm. It is a delightful book. It has very cute illustrations and it is well-written using clear, simple language. This book has a sweetness about it while teaching children how to self-regulate. Children will learn and transform while they are having fun colouring. Beeing Calm is an important teaching tool for children, especially since childhood behavioral issues seem to be on the rise. More resources like this are needed! I hope this author keeps publishing!

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightfully WONDERFUL!!!, June 6, 2013

By: Karen Seay
This review is from: Beeing Calm (Paperback Edition)

Where do I begin? WOW! Janai Lowenstein has done a superb job with her book, ‘Beeing Calm.’ This is one of the BEST interactive books that I have ever read/experienced. Simple and super user freindly…fun while learning some of the most vital tools for self-awareness and also how one can impact another. I used this book in my preschool as well as with my own children. (this book is perfect for preschool-2nd graders.) You will fall nothing short of in love with Smoothie and Buzzbee and so will your children! Ms.Lowenstien’s ‘Beeing Calm’ opens the door for such healthy interactions while providing such an array of self-learning opportunities. This is a truly special gift to have for parents of young children, teachers, and anyone that wants to nurture the lives of our most precious treasures.