Grandma Boom Chronicles

Grandma Boom Chronicles - More Alive at 65Journey with the spirit of human potential in this captivating self-help memoir. Witness the journey of a Baby Boomer girl lacking self-esteem who learns how to go beyond genetics to transform a difficult past, unleashing blocked energy. Using keys of wisdom, she changes her destiny. The creative power of imagination with her inner child, play and fun become healing agents. More alive at 65, Janai Mestrovich, aka Grandma Boom, sees aging as an opportunity to expand human potential. Compelling background stories of a sheltered life in the 1950’s captivate the reader with extraordinary occurrences that provide fuel for Ms. Mestrovich to set her compass on a new direction in life. Transforming past negatives into a realistic and positive framework for her future, she pioneers self-help-programs personally and professionally that enhance holistic education for youth and holistic aging for parent and grandparent generations. Aging gracefully, Janai finds that each new birthday she must find ways to have more fun than the year before. Keeping gratitude as a wisdom key in conjunction with a positive attitude provide light for the tunnel of darkness in life’s stressful turmoil and challenges. Success in finding happiness within instead of dependence on external reasons to temporarily embrace happiness becomes a reality. She uses crises to catapult herself into a new arena of self-worth. The Grandma Boom Chronicles excels in making connections from her grandparents and parents’ way of life to a new way to experience aging and grandparenting. From pain control to intuitive occurrences, adventures in the wild and newly developed techniques for use with herown grandchildren, Janai settles into a delightful approach for her own holistic aging process.She includes keeping her inner child active with a vivid imagination, playful demeanor and fun as tools for a healthy aging process. Ms. Mestrovich acknowledges that cross-generational activities with young children and youth of all ages keep the brain stimulated and the demeanor more active. With a second adulthood in her mid sixties, she partners with the idea of the inner child’s second childhood for a robust life experience that brings more laughter and an upbeat attitude. Fun grandparenting lends a hand in a joyful manner. Having a sense of adventure and deep purpose for helping others, Janai Mestrovich adventures into threatening and unusual experiences that allow her to tap more of her own human potential.





Doris Day, Hollywood legend and animal welfare activist

I hope all can learn from this book what I have – that every stage of life has its ups, downs, and most importantly, hidden miracles. It made me feel young at heart, even at 90.

Danny Lockwood, Music Video Producer for musicians and celebrities including Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Bruce Springsteen

Janai Mestrovich’s eccentric, charming, and cross-generational stories are an entertaining and inspiring read. There’s enlightened wisdom in here for anyone – both old and young.

Carrie Bailey, Toronto, ON

An Inspiring and Powerful Book…The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65 is a very powerful book. There are so many things I appreciate about it. Grandma Boom writes with honesty and humor. In these Chronicles, even her difficult experiences are described with grace and gentleness. It enables the reader to easily empathize and relate to her. I also appreciate the strong thread of resilience that is woven throughout. Grandma Boom teaches that a challenge can be used to make us stronger. This inspiring attitude made me love her even more and appreciate the magic she possesses. Grandma Boom is a spiritual teacher and a humanitarian. She demonstrates a life well-lived and she leads by example!

This is a great book – for young and old. It would be perfect for book clubs to read and study because of the universality of her experiences. It is a book that uplifts my soul and makes me want to strive for greater and greater heights! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Grandma Boom!

5.0 out of 5 stars Peaceful easy feelings, September 10, 2014

By:  Mayra Brachman
This review is from: The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65! (Paperback)

Janai Mestrovich’s book is a journey of truth and wisdom. Baby Boomers will love the astute and humorous anecdotes of growing up post WWII in Kansas. Laugh, cry, and grow along with Janai on her life’s tumultuous path. Share in her insights and perspectives that link the past to the present. You will come away with renewed hope and joy for life at any stage. The affirmations at the end of the book are a tool for transformation, as I have personally experienced. If you appreciate the writings of Isabel Allende and Sandra Cisneros, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars A lovely lady and a lovely book, September 20, 2014
By Moonika Romagnoli
This review is from: The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65! (Paperback)

What a delightful adventure for any age. I simply couldn’t put it down. It was heartwarming, inspiring, educational and funny. You are led on a journey to feel good about yourself no matter your age or circumstance. There were also wonderful tools and techniques for guiding your own children or grandchildren. I loved it!!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Have Fun At Any Age, September 18, 2014
By The Beebs
This review is from: The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65! (Paperback)

What a wonderful book! It is filled with inspiration for living a fun life, letting go of past hurts and enjoying each day to the fullest. Who says you can’t have fun after sixty?! As a matter of fact, who says you can’t have fun at any age!? This book is a “must read”. It truly proves that being yourself and having fun is what gets you through all the other “stuff”. Thank you, Grandma Boom, for sharing your Chronicles!