Happy Aging Secrets

Great Way to Detox from Forest Fire Smoke

August 21, 2015 Happy Aging Secrets, Life & Health 0 Comments

Snoozing on Himalayan Salt, breathing in 84 minerals after Infrared room visit that heats cells from inside-out to detoxify, then steam room opening pores, followed by cold water plunge for hot/cold therapy to accelerate cleansing, then the Salt Room. Why all this? I’ve been living in forest fire smoke for

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GRUDGE SACK presentation at Chamber of Commerce….with Wings!

May 15, 2015 Child Wellness, Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

GRUDGE SACK! Grandma Boom wore one for Chamber of Commerce this morning for 3D demonstration what a grudge does to our bodies/attitudes when holding one inside. SEE bag of rock hanging from neck down to chest. Practiced forgiveness, released the grudge/grudge sack, and spread my wings to feel and fly

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Living In Fear Does NOT Bring Happiness

April 1, 2015 Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

Learned in ZY Qi Gong workshop last weekend that recently that a Yale graduate spoke to his 25th year reunion and took a survey. It showed 80% of those attending were not happy. The #1 reason given for unhappiness was: FEAR. Fear of not having enough money, of getting ill,

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84, Energetic and Excited About How She Feels!

March 16, 2015 Happy Aging Secrets, Super Seniors 0 Comments

“I never had any confidence and felt so bad about myself. I never knew what it was like to feel energetic because I always felt so tired.” She is 84 and a true inspiration! She stopped at my vendor table at the Women’s Conference. Her job is helping people lose

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Sesame Seeds Health Benefits

December 7, 2014 Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

Sesame seeds are not only an excellent source of copper and a very good source of manganese, but they are also a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and dietary fiber. In addition to these important nutrients, sesame seeds contain two unique substances: sesamin and sesamolin. Both

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67 Year Old Street Musician’s View on His Aging Process

October 14, 2014 Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

It’s common to see Steven playing his banjo at the farmer’s market. From sixties music to oldies like Workin’ on the Railroad and Oh Susannah!, Steven’s music is always delightful, creating an air of festivity and welcoming. He never fails to have smiles for passersby who may or may not

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Fun Couple Doesn’t Focus on Aging

September 4, 2014 Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

The Joyners, Charlie (84) and Johanna (90), have fun enjoying life, with humor, a positive attitude, and guilt free living. What are your life passions that have kept you excited about life? Johanna: “Always a surprise waiting for me tomorrow. I wake up anticipating the day and beautiful things happening….anticipation

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