Christmas Fairy 2016 Request For Donations

December 6, 2016 Awesome Aging, Inspiration 0 Comments

Christmas Fairy Request for donations to prepare and deliver packages to the homeless shelter for Christmas. Money donations allow equal contents for each package That will include good thermal sox and other warm supplies (depending on amount of funding received), food items, Emergen-C, cough lozenges, toothbrushes and other hygiene items,

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Phoenix Rising From My Childhood Story

April 21, 2016 Articles, Grandma Boom Time, Inspiration, Publicity 0 Comments

I have a brief excerpt of my childhood and growing up published at One Story Road. Please take a few minutes to visit their site and read my story.  If you like what you read or can relate to my story, please vote for me at the bottom of the

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Reflections: People are like Flowers

April 13, 2015 Inspiration 0 Comments

Sunday morning spring reflections: People are so much like flowers. Each one has beautiful qualities, blooms at one’s own pace, has potential of being ‘whole’ and wholesome when nurtured according to what is right for it. Reminds me to see the inner beauty potential…..regardless of what stage is shown. Appreciating

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Connecting with Feeble Woman Who Has No Fear

January 23, 2015 Inspiration 0 Comments

As she responded to my question, I could see there were only a couple of teeth left in her mouth. She had to be at least 90 years old and her hat was pulled down over her weathered face to keep warm. The old woman did not fill out her

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January 20, 2015 Inspiration 0 Comments

I see this man frequently at a shopping center. He gave me permission to take a photo. He is always singing. I asked him about his life. His name is Maurice, and was refreshingly honest about his situation. Maurice spent decades on meth and crack until he was hit by

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Medicine for the Medicine, Heart, Spirit

January 19, 2015 Inspiration 0 Comments

It is medicine for the mind, heart, spirit. Yesterday’s outing gave me these three magnificent beauties, all near one another. I felt so fortunate, happy and grateful……all important injections for health. Still breathing in the fresh memories and sharing with you. Enjoy!

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