Un-Grog Before Getting Out of Bed

Un-Grog Before Getting Out of Bed

September 3, 2014 Energy Sparks 0 Comments

A quick, easy technique to help the fog lift in the morning is to do this when you awaken before getting out of bed:

Simply wiggle the big toe and second toe on both of your feet while you lay there wondering where you are and what time it is. Wiggle them as long as it feels comfortable to you and starts to bring about a less foggy mind. A nice little energy spark will accompany it if you toe wiggle long enough.

This action does not just have impact on your feet. It activates the energy meridian for the liver. Thus, it begins to wake up a major force in the body to daytime reality. Stimulating the liver will bring a brighter, clearer sensation to you mentally.

This exercise can be done at other times, whenever you need to feel more awake.

Enjoy toe wiggling!

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