Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade

I Can’t Remember My Number

November 10, 2014 Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade 0 Comments

The older gentleman was fraught with tension as he punched in one number after another for his membership at the store. Six people were waiting in line after him, including me, and I was standing next to him. The clerk waited patiently, encouraging the gentleman to keep trying. But the

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Let us Use the Freedom of Speech Creatively and Peacefully

October 24, 2014 Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade 0 Comments

Helping to save a tiny Park area called Opal Wings in Cottage Grove, Oregon. People in the community there are posting pictures with these wings to peacefully go against the city decision to replace this area with concrete and two trees instead of the stone walkway, flowers and mureau. The

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Gay Teen Kicked Out of Parents’ House

September 3, 2014 Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade 0 Comments

By: Jen Hayden Last week, a heartbreaking video surfaced of Daniel Ashley Pierce “coming out” to his family, who went on to disown him and kick Daniel out of their home. An online fundraiser went viral and within six days, nearly $100,000 has a been raised to help Daniel get

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Positive Thinking On Aging Helps Seniors Heal: Study

November 21, 2012 Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade 0 Comments

Does seeing the glass half full mean you will be healthier later in life? A growing body of evidence suggests that positive thinking does correlate with less illness and longer lives. And, if you’re already older, having a positive outlook appears to be especially important. A new study has found

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