Gay Teen Kicked Out of Parents’ House

Gay Teen Kicked Out of Parents’ House

September 3, 2014 Positive Thinking Makes Lemonade 0 Comments

GayTeenKickedOutBy: Jen Hayden

Last week, a heartbreaking video surfaced of Daniel Ashley Pierce “coming out” to his family, who went on to disown him and kick Daniel out of their home.

An online fundraiser went viral and within six days, nearly $100,000 has a been raised to help Daniel get on his feet in a new home. Overwhelmed by the support and understanding there are many others in the same predicament, Daniel asked people to stop donating to him and turn their attention to an organization called Lost N’Found, which is renovating a building to serve as a homeless shelter for LGBT youth. Thus far, the organization has received roughly $10,000 from his post and plans to open in spring of 2015:

“I would say we’re right at $10,000 (through Pierce donations), said Westbrook. “Daniel is an incredibly bright and courageous young man. He is the epitome of who Lost n’ Found is here to serve.”

In an interview, which can be seen here, Lost N’ Found Executive Director says roughly 50 percent of gay teens in the southeast who come out to their parents are disowned and kicked out of their homes, calling it an “epidemic.”

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