Boom In The Room For A Positive Lift

Boom In The Room For A Positive Lift

September 16, 2015 Awesome Aging, Boom In The Room, Radio/Television Interviews 0 Comments

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Great fun on my radio show this morning with Carson at KSKQ Radio. He christened my newly launched monthly spot on every third Wednesday as BOOM IN THE ROOM. Honoring Grandma Boom, of course.

Today’s show on being positive went so fast and was great fun! I always use visual and sound aids on my shows. It was so enjoyable to share great tips for listeners. A few of the tidbits were poignant such as research showing that an unhappy brain is filled with fear and self-doubt. A happy brain is decorated with gratitude, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, healing. We always have a choice and whatever we think, we feel emotionally, physically, and breathing is synchronized with each state.

“I AM WHAT I THINK. I CREATE MY OWN REALITY” is a sign I always plant in my workshops and classes. Using will power to have positive thoughts takes effort – so does complaining! Pity parties generate feeling down. I learned long ago that self-pity will chew you up and spit you out. Feeling disappointed? Do something that feels good to help someone else. Sometimes I cook for the homeless, let others in line before me at the grocery store, say kind words to strangers….we are not limited. Paying it forward always feels great.

More for another time. Aging gets more and more awesome with opportunities such as creating a new little radio show in our wonderful Ashland. #morefunkicksat66

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