Old Time Style Radio with Messages Like ‘Thoughts are Things’

Old Time Style Radio with Messages Like ‘Thoughts are Things’

October 21, 2015 Awesome Aging, Boom In The Room, Radio/Television Interviews 0 Comments

Sound EffectsAs Published at: Ashland Daily Tidings

This morning was a blast at KSKQ Radio in Ashland. My program, “Boom in the Room” always includes sound effects and a story or two. Sounds bring up images for people, impacting both sides of the brain. Absorption increases with what is heard.

Today’s story was a gift to anyone interested in how to work with the mind/emotions/body/spirit in a healing process with major surgery. Or course, all the gems shared can be applied to many life situations.

Thoughts are things. They are powerful. They manifest reality. If I feel self-pity, I will feel worse. I refuse renting any space to that creature inside my body that will chew me up and spit me out. Loving myself is a good use of time and energy instead of wasting it on feeling victimized and blaming which would give my power away. I am a landlord of what occurs in my mind, body and emotions. I AM IN CHARGE!

Those are just a couple of the many gold nuggets I am applying right now, right here in the healing process with my hip surgery. Doing great I might add and working with the healing process, muscle soreness and temporary limitations with a glowing attitude. After all, I am devoted to having an awesome aging experience. Hip surgery does not rob me of that….only I could rob me of that!

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