Lullaby Sessions

Insomnia? Trouble going to sleep? Difficulties trying to get good quality sleep? Waking up tired? Going to sleep but waking up in the middle of the night with a busy mind?

My Lullaby Sessions provide a deep relaxation at the cellular level using energy work remotely over the phone and sound healing instruments designed to soothe, comfort and take you into a deep state of inner calm. Sessions take approximately 30 min. and are best in the evening when you are ready for bed and can roll over to dreamland once I am finished with the sound and energy work remotely over the phone. It works best with speaker turned on the phone so you do not have to tense any muscles holding the phone. Total, peaceful relaxation is the goal.


“I was barely getting enough sleep to survive, stressed out and worried. When I tried the Lullaby Session I was shocked how deeply I rested for a full night’s sleep. I was so relieved and felt much better.” KL

“Life’s hard knocks were keeping me awake with stomach pain and negative thoughts. The Lullaby Session was nothing short of magic. Better than a pill and left me waking up refreshed which has not happened in a very long time.” BP

“It is like having a dose of natural energy medicine that goes in and tweeks everything that was standing in the way for a wonderful night’s sleep. Quality rest is priceless! I feel wonderful. Thank you for this amazing service.” DC

Contact me for a soothing Lullaby Session where you receive the nurturing experience of being cared for and massaged at the cellular level with my energy work and sound healing.