Ashland Car Door Scratcher Deserved a “Thank You”

Ashland Car Door Scratcher Deserved a “Thank You”

August 29, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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Cramped parking spaces in many parking lots lead to bumps in the day and night that can scratch, dent and scar neighboring cars. Heaven knows my Prius has more than its share of parking lot battle wounds.

Recently, I had the good fortune at a busy time to find a parking space at Lithia Park where I love to hike. Upon return, a grocery bag note was on my windshield. My usual frustration when seeing the new scratches my Prius has accumulated didn’t have proper fuel to stay the frustration course.

Reading the note, THEN looking at the scratches, I felt a slight dip of tension in my tummy with a sigh of disappointment that arose from its depths as quickly as it descended into the pit. In all the battle wounds from parking lots that have remained anonymous, none have given me upliftment. It was heartening to read the note pictured above.

I realized how the scratcher must have felt due to his honesty and integrity. No one made him write that note. I could hardly wait to call him.

When I reached the man on the phone, he was genuinely sorry for his car door slippage. I thanked him for his integrity and honesty, realizing that was more important than focusing on door scratches. Forgiveness has its own beauty that inspires.

He gave me information about how to remove the scratches since I admitted having no savvy with that kind of task. It was such a delight to connect with my car door assailant, a good person who had a mishap. THAT is how I prioritized feelings about the incident. These were the best door scratches EVER!

Part of awesome aging for me is making priorities aligned to fuel health, go beyond the surface, and help and encourage others whenever possible. Continually striving to pass those life tests with flying colors….or at least a little sparkle!
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