Bottoms Up for Building Buns… Plus Butt-Ology 101

Bottoms Up for Building Buns… Plus Butt-Ology 101

August 25, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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When Mom was in her sixties she complained about her buns going south. I admired her consistency with walking good distances for exercise while doing isometrics. However, her buns kept falling farther to the south.

At that time I decided I would not have droopy, south-yielding buns in my sixties. That decision led me to explore many types of exercise. Now, at 66, I know I have to keep diligent with my determination for a more northern style rear end bumper.

According to ACE (American Council on Exercise) “Strong and well-developed glutes not only look great, but can help protect the lower back from injury during daily activities and sports. The gluteal complex of muscles (i.e., gluteus maximus, medius and minimus) plays a key role in helping take stress off the spine durng multiplanar movements. That’s because these muscles help control movements of the torso, pelvis, hips and legs.” Strong glutes are a win-win for the body. After all, they are the largest muscle mass we have.

Butt-Ology 101 is a good resource for learning more about strengthening those glutes. Here’s the link:

It makes for awesome aging to actually find new positions to strengthen the glutes. TRX is just one of them which is helping me with my goals. Being creative and determined are two of the keys for northern style buns. Holding true to the promise to myself, I vote for keeping Bottoms Up!
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