How My Son in L.A. Announces to His Friends I am Arriving This Week!

How My Son in L.A. Announces to His Friends I am Arriving This Week!

September 10, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

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My son, Darion, is 34, gay, 6’4″, funny, very bright and great to be with. He provides exceptional experiences for me when I go to visit him in L.A. His friends embrace me like I am a rock star…or at least a character out of some fiction movie they can’t quite describe. Haha!

Two years ago Darion arranged for me to meet Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin when Jane was doing a benefit for the Gay and Lesbian Center established by Lily and her partner. We got photos and so enjoyed getting to connect with women who have made strong impressions on my own womanhood.

Last year Darion was in a Bravo Reality Show with NBC entitled ‘Friends to Lovers.’ He happened to show some funny video clips of me being myself which may or may not be considered ‘normal’ to some. The Executive Producer decided he wanted me in some of the episodes. Not as a friend or a lover, just as a mom being myself.

The result? My 65th birthday party was filmed with me in one of my fairy-like costumes that I wear in Ashland’s parades. Of course, I love throwing parties that are not boring, so it was a blast to say the least. More on that in another blog post.

For this trip, so far I am aware that Darion got us tickets to “Let’s Make a Deal” where we are to arrive in costume and try to get on the show. If the 10 sec. Interview (they interview lots of folks – like 300 or so) doesn’t get us on stage, we will probably be in the audience. In costume. That is the main point. In costume. And we will have fun wherever we are stationed. Guaranteed! Awesome aging is on the rise with #morefunkicksat66.

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