Easter Bunny Glitter Poop, Nibbled Carrot and Powdered Sugar Tracks

Easter Bunny Glitter Poop, Nibbled Carrot and Powdered Sugar Tracks

April 28, 2011 Child Wellness 0 Comments

I’ve long said that I don’t care whose joy it is, I just like sharing in it. Joy is joy. Period. It doesn’t have to be my personal joy. To feel someone else’s joy is tuning into the joy channel. Once there, the joy effervescence bubbles up to bring undeniable upliftment. This Easter brought forth the joy bubbles even though it could have been just the opposite.

Easter Sunday marked 36 years since my wedding date but divorce papers were signed March 28, leaving two ex-spouses living together due to the economy. Sadness could have prevailed. But daughter, son-in-law and 2 yr. old grandson spent Easter weekend here. One of the high points was working with daughter and son-in-law late Sat. night. Daughter made glitter Easter bunny poop with cheerios and silver glitter, carrot nibbling, while son-in-law cut out stencil for a bunny foot. He made powdered sugar bunny tracks across the hardwood living room floor to the Easter eggs and present for grandson. I was hiding eggs. All three of us were tired. But we were all so happy as we stretched ourselves. The joy filled our tired bodies in anticipation of a 2 yr. old’s magical experience the following morning.

Parenting young children is demanding, exciting, sometimes draining, always non-stop and can bring wonderful opportunities to enjoy the wonder and magic of a young child’s mind. In doing this, we tap our own joyful creativity and openness. How very precious to want to bring such experiences into children’s lives. And how precious to share in that. Family life is full of tests as well as rewards. It brings fulfillment through dedication. I remain grateful to be a part of a family and will always remember the joyful conspiracy in the middle of adjusting to a divorce. Thank you, Easter bunny glitter poop, nibbled carrot and powdered sugar tracks!

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