Becoming the Ouch Ouwee Fairy for Preschoolers

Becoming the Ouch Ouwee Fairy for Preschoolers

May 20, 2015 Children and Stress 0 Comments

Grandma Boom strikes again….as the OUCH OUWEE FAIRY for 32 preschoolers. Had a blast teaching them that getting tense when we get an ouwee makes the ouwee worse. Did a self-calming song with them, helping baby dinosaurs to feel better with deep breathing, drummed to ouch and then to calming ourselves to feel the difference, and much more. And I became a big ouwee/ouch and talked to them about how I need help feeling better instead of having just OUCH OUCH which makes it harder for me to heal. Artwork, too! This work is meant to reach many more children. So empowering!

OuchOuwee01 OuchOuwee02 OuchOuwee031

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