Busy Mom Stops to Play with Her Kids

Busy Mom Stops to Play with Her Kids

May 18, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

This week I was speaking with Brittany, who has a baby and a 5 yr. old. She and her husband are in the midst of moving to a new home and both have jobs. With young children, moving to a new location always has its stress factors. Parenting young children in the midst of a major life change sometimes requires ingenuity in addition to patience. But for Brittany, who works during the week, it became a priority to be WITH her children rather than unpacking a few extra boxes when she arrived home from her job.

Brittany expressed desire to play with her children, missing them with all the busy responsibilities. She may not have realized at that moment how much she was giving TO her children and herself in the stress of the move. Time playing with their mom is powerful medicine. It is a feeling of being connected, having fun, being reassured, comforted and encouraged. It is a feeling of being important.

All too often the responsibilities that come with parenthood can be overwhelming and the lists keep growing regardless of how many checkmarks are made each day. Brittany’s commercial break from the lists gave her something she needed, gave her children what they needed, and everyone felt better. The lists did not run away. And you KNOW how the children felt…..like Superkids!!!

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