You Are Being Watched

You Are Being Watched

April 28, 2011 Children and Stress 0 Comments

If you are around young children for whatever reason, you are being watched. Constantly! There is a video recorder turned on in children’s minds. You don’t have to SAY anything. Just be. Just do. And they have it recorded. It’s their job! They’re trying to figure out how to operate and survive well in the world around them and need role models. They think that you’ve got the answers because you are BIGGER than them. Who else can they copy? Other children, of course. Life is about new experiences and adventures, getting your way, learning what works and doesn’t work. You are IMPORTANT! You are a STAR!

Integrating stress management and other self-help skills into daily living will create a wealth of treasures for child wellness in the short run and long haul. For example, while cooking, saying, “I feel tense knots in my stomach and need to take a deep breath to relax so I can feel better.” Then DO it! Talk about how it helps in front of children. They may not follow suit immediately, but they are WATCHING YOU and taking it all in.

When my children were young, I worked and worked with deep breathing from baby and toddler stages, sometimes seeing the children mimick, sometimes not. What really struck me one day was when there was a disagreement in the household and my daughter suggested everyone needed to take a deep breath!!! She had impeccable timing and it helped the situation. Don’t you know she felt like a million bucks!!! YOU ARE BEING WATCHED! You are the best movie around, so play it like a star! There are children trying to figure out how to have Superkid Power for a successful life!

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