Crying Whimper Said It All

Crying Whimper Said It All

May 2, 2011 Connecting with Children 0 Comments

Last Friday morning I took some food over to a neighbor, Renae, who is a mother-in-waiting, hosting an occasional conctraction. She’s the loving Mom of Jayden, who turns 2 this week.

Playing with Jayden on the floor, at his level, was a hoot. Balloons, hopping chick, drumming and more. I took toys over to have some toddler fun with him while his Mom rested.

Watching Jayden’s antics kept me smiling and tuned into his forming personality, style, ingenuity, likes and dislikes. It is always so fascinating to get to know another little person while being on his level, seeing through his eyes and really being there WITH him. We played and laughed, explored and watched each other. We really connected. And we both knew it.

Then it was time for me to go. He helped me pick up my toys, then spontaneously came over and gave me a hug. Oh! My heart’s candles lit up like a morning sunrise! And THEN, when I walked out the door, he not only gave me another hug, but had a crying whimper with a very sad face that his new friend was leaving. Oh, my heart was so deeply touched. I know that I have a new friend, too. Can’t wait to connect with Jayden again! Making new friends at a young age is part of the focus for child wellness and learning the ins and outs of building relationships. Go Jayden Go! You are a Superkid in your own right! 🙂

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