Kindness Creates Ripples Across the Generations

Kindness Creates Ripples Across the Generations

August 2, 2015 Awesome Aging 0 Comments

As published at: Ashland Daily Tidings

“I am so sorry you had to walk so far.” An older woman was standing by a car stretching her voice to a young mother with a toddler walking in high heat toward her. The child was understandably cranky and the mother, stressed, had a worn look on her face that was moist with sweat.

But when the young mother heard the older woman’s apology, her face lifted with a smile. Her step lightened even though the child was still cranky. As a witness to this brief scene, I appreciated the kindness and compassion that connected these two strangers who had a meet-up for some kind of exchange. Kindness and compassion are healers. Even as a by-stander, I reaped benefit. It is all a form of energy that ripples beyond the act, like a pebble tossed into a pond. Each thought, each act, each word and every intention has a life that touches another part of life.

Savoring the moment of this sweet exchange, I caught the wave of goodness, wanting to pass it on. A bit later in the day an older man in a grocery line tripped. Another woman and I both reached for him, ready to grab an arm and prevent the fall. But he caught himself. And then he muttered to his would-be helpers, “Your kind thoughts helped me catch myself. Thanks.”

Hoping you catch some of the kindness ripple wave for your day and pass it on. It makes for awesome aging….at any age!

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