Smelly Pajamas Great For Kids

Smelly Pajamas Great For Kids

April 28, 2011 Child Wellness 0 Comments

Calming techniques for kids and parents can come in creative packages. Deep breathing and relaxing muscle tension is fantastic for calm self-control. And there are other factors that can bring calming when children and stress seem to geyser up from nowhere in the simplest of situations gone complicated. While working out of the home, doing homeschooling for eight years and authoring books, speaking/training, hosting TV series for kids, it was essential to travel on occasion overnight. When our children were young, they would terribly miss my presence. I found that it was soothing for them if I slept in two different flannel nighties before departure date. I left one for each of them to sleep with. It was their idea. They reported being able to “smell me” and felt like they were getting a hug from me if they slept with pajamas I had slept in. This created a sense of child wellness for them instead of child upsetness! (It really is good to make up words because Webster gets tired working alone!) hahahaha

No one else has ever valued my smelly flannel nighty. Funny what makes a mom feel special! Superkids with sensitive sniffers! 🙂

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