Interview with Alice Ladas

Interview with Alice Ladas

August 16, 2014 Happy Aging Secrets 0 Comments

Alice_LadasAlice Ladas, co-author of “The Gspot”, isn’t your run of the mill 93 year old. She’s vibrant, exciting, and living life to its fullest.

What are your life passions that have kept you excited about life?

“My children and grandchildren. The relationship of us humanoids to the rest of life on earth and to life in the cosmos. Preserving and improving democracy in the USA which seems to be slipping. Reversing the population growth on planet earth through education. I am a grandmother for reproductive rights world wide. Improving my professional skills and learning from the younger generation in m co-housing community. Playing music (singing piano) musical theatre (I wrote the lyrics and libretto for one and recently appeared in minor roles in Anne and the Sound of Music). How to stay healthy and functional myself and help others to do so.”

What connections do you think have been most important in your feeling purposeful and vibrant? (relationships, work, travel, activities)

“The two major men in my life. Friends who shared my interests both personally and professionally. My teachers from the NY Society for Ethical Culture at my elementary and high school. My mom. Living in NYC and visiting Alabama as a kid.”

Do you think that sexual energy is important in being tapped as one ages? If so, why?

“Pleasure is important at all phases of life. Sexual pleasure is one vital pleasure connecting me with others and me with myself.”

What is an example of a normal day for you at this time?

“Days are full of surprises, both negative and positive so normal is a hard concept.I usually get up early around 7-8 and go to bed earlier than I used to (9:30-10:00)because my energy tends to sag more than it did when I was younger. If I get a nap in the daytime then I can do something in the evening. I work with clients 1-3 hours many days. I take an exercise class which included weights, play tennis or bike many days. Also spend time caring for grandkids. Running after my two year old is the most tiring and exciting thing I do. “

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